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inqaba biotec™ - Africa’s GenomicsVisitor(Oligos, Sequencing, Life Science Brands) Menu Home Services ProductsWell-nighUs Southern Africa East Africa West Africa Blog Contact Us Oligos Login Events View Events Submit EventHodgepodgeRequest News! PacBIO’s Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) technology is revolutionizing the field of genomics by providing increasingly comprehensive views of biological systems. inqaba biotec scheduled as sectional distributor of Pacific Biosciences for Sub-Sahara Africa.” Our Services   Oligo Synthesis Oligo Synthesis Since 2002, inqaba biotec™ has been Africa’s leading oligonucleotide production facility. At present, based in Pretoria, we are worldly-wise to produce over 1000 custom oligonucleotides per day. Our standard and modified oligonucleotides are quality controlled and normally dispatched within 24 hours or 96 hours, respectively. We strive to provide unrenowned service and fast turn-around times to ensure our clients goody from our upper quality synthetic oligonucleotides. ReadIncreasinglySanger Sequencing Sanger Sequencing Our Sanger DNA sequencing facility offers DNA sequencing from various templates using BrilliantDye™ Terminator v3.1 Cycle Sequencing on two ABI3500XL genetic analysers. We strive to unhook a flexible service to serve most needs. Our facility is worldly-wise to offer, but are not limited to: primer diamond and production; template preparation, unfurling and purification; cloning, data analysis; Species ID including Fungi, Bacteria, Insects. ReadIncreasinglyNGS NGS We offer NGS project diamond input, a rigorous quality controlled library preparation and sequencing workflow, fast turn-around times and support in data wringer and interpretation, all performed in our facility in Pretoria. We prepare DNA or RNA samples for a “start to finish” NGS Service misogynist on various platforms (Illumina®: MiSeq and HiSeq2500 and PacBio’s Sequel). ReadIncreasinglyMassarray Genotyping Massarray Genotyping Our SNP genotyping service using Agena Bioscience’s MassARRAY allows you to custom diamond your genotyping reconnaissance to fit your research needs. The ease of wringer is afforded by the twin software, making it detailed and vital unbearable to understand. A upper plex capability, sensitivity and good turn-around time make the MassARRAY the genotyping technology of nomination for the wringer of 10s to 100s of SNPs. A range of panels are offered upon request to write variegated spheres of research such as oncology, human identification, methylation and genes associated with drug metabolism. ReadIncreasinglyBioinformatics Bioinformatics Our customized bioinformatics wringer services will indulge you to make sense of your Next Generation Sequencing data sets. Small to large data sets, we will squire in helping you wordplay your scientific question. From wringer solutions to bioinformatics training, we imbricate it all. ReadIncreasingly UnprepossessingGeneticsUnprepossessingGenetics OurUnprepossessingGenetics service includes a wide variety of genetics health, colour and genotyping tests mainly for domestic and wildlife species. The department is overly expanding the test portfolio and striving to modernize on service delivery. ReadIncreasinglyInstrument Services Instrument Services The inqaba biotec™ Service Department now offers the unique value-added service of in-house Maintenance, Service and Repair on all instruments in our wide-stretching portfolio. Some leading brands in life science equipment that falls within our portfolio: Eppendorf; Vilber Lourmat; Gentaur: ELISA Plate Readers, washers and incubators; Seegene: MolDx (CFx-96 & Nimbus); FasterAIR and NanoDrop Spectrophotometers (ThermoScientific). ReadIncreasinglyFragmentWringerFragmentWringerThe inqaba biotec™ Sanger Sequencing Core Facility brings capillary-based fragment wringer for cost-effective high-throughput marker wringer to Sub-Saharan Africa. Our fragment wringer services include a variety of genotyping solutions, from DNA fingerprinting to indel mutation wringer for the healthcare, agricultural, unprepossessing and conservation industries. ReadIncreasinglyqPCRWringerqPCRWringerReadIncreasinglyWorkshops Workshops There is a need for practical using training in molecular biology in Africa – we offer tailored workshops and courses in phylogenetic analysis,  molecular techniques, sequencing technologies and bioinformatics. Click to find out more! ReadIncreasinglyOur Brands Life Science Consumables Molecular Biology Reagents New England BioLabs Founded in the mid-1970s as a joint of scientists single-minded to developing innovative products for the life sciences industry, New England BioLabs is now a recognized world leader in the discovery, minutiae and commercialization of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic research. ReadIncreasinglyDNA & RNA Isolation kits Zymo Research Since its inception in 1994, Zymo Research has been proudly serving the scientific polity by providing innovative, upper quality research tools at affordable prices. Our vision… “The Beauty of Science is to Make Things Simple” is now truer than ever. Whether it’s Epigenetics, DNA, RNA, E. coli, or Yeast based research, our philosophy remains the same: to provide the highest quality products in the industry while ensuring they are both simple to use and reliable in their performance. ReadIncreasinglyBiochemicals Amresco AMRESCO is a manufacturer and supplier of upper quality biochemicals and reagents for Molecular Biology, Life Sciences, Proteomics, Clinical and Histology areas of research. Founded in 1976, AMRESCO supplies standard and custom products to our customers in the pursuit markets: Diagnostics, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Research Specialty Chemicals. ReadIncreasinglyPlastic Consumables Treff – Plastic Technology When it comes to plastic processing, Treff AG is the partner you are looking for. Using our vast wits and, with unconfined dedication, we will develop the ideal solution for every challenge, however ramified it may be. Not only do we know our own business, but moreover yours, considering we identify ourselves with your needs. This is to guarantee that our products and services unchangingly fulfill the highest requirements – namely yours. ReadIncreasinglyNitrile Examination Gloves Ronco RONCO is a world-class manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE). Our trusted distribution network delivers products to end-users striving to comply with safety standards for both their employees and their work processes.  RONCO Hand, Head and Body Solutions are designed to minimize risk for workers and maintain a unscratched and healthy occupational environment for our end-users in food, healthcare or industrial sectors. The RONCO trademark is your guarantee of quality in the workplace.  Headquartered in Concord, well-nigh 20 minutes north of Toronto, Ontario, RONCO owns and operates a 60,000 sq. ft. industrial warehouse. Our Head Office is supported by sales operations wideness North America as well as our international offices in South America, China and Malaysia.  RONCO is defended to a culture of growth and innovation to meet the needs of our customers and their target industries.   ReadIncreasinglyBiochemical Reagents WAKO Wako Laboratory Chemicals strives to provide new and unique laboratory reagents to scientists in all fields of study.Pursuitnine decades of tradition, they supply upper quality, upper purity reagents for your life’s research. Wako Laboratory Chemicals supplies many of the research reagents that are ripened and/or manufactured in Japan. Our product line consists of: BioProducts Antibodies Biochemicals Enzymes Molecular Biology Kits Signal Transduction ReagentsTamperingStandards Organic Chemicals Green Chemistry Reagents Electrophoresis Stains Wakopak® / Wakosil® HPLC columns (DownloadUsingData and Chromatograms) and increasingly ReadIncreasinglyRNAi, Gene Expression & Gene Editing Dharmacon Dharmacon has revolutionized the field of RNA synthesis with the introduction of 2’-ACE synthesis chemistry. As leaders in custom RNA synthesis, Dharmacon was an early participant in the newly discovered field of RNA interference, and unsalaried several key scientific findings. Dharmacon RNAi products were some of the first commercially available. This leadership has unfurled through technical advances in bioinformatics, and chemical modifications to modernize performance. Today, our areas of research and research tools have expanded to support all aspects of RNAi interference; siRNA, lentiviral shRNA, tools for microRNA research, and whole-genome scale libraries for RNAi functional screens of genes, microRNAs and long non-coding RNAs. In addition, Dharmacon has the largest hodgepodge of cDNAs and ORFs commercially misogynist and a unique set of synthetic CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tools. ReadIncreasinglyStabilization Solutions for Biological Samples Biomatrica Biomatrica provides diagnostics manufacturers with the worthiness increase market share by chemically stabilizing reconnaissance reagents and samples. Biomatrica’s innovative stability technologies preserve biological materials, such as DNA, RNA, proteins, cells and unshortened assays. Our technologies indulge diagnostic companies to wangle to wider markets, reduce reconnaissance minutiae time vs. lyophilization, and eliminate the need for risky, expensive unprepossessed uniting management. ReadIncreasinglyCell lines &LaminaCultures ScienCell ScienCell Research Laboratories is an expanding biotechnology visitor whose mission is the research and minutiae of lamina and cell-related products for experimental and therapeutic use. The ScienCell technology provides a variety of upper quality normal human and unprepossessing cells, lamina culture media and reagents, lamina growth supplements, cell-derived DNA, RNA, and proteins, cell-based reconnaissance kits, and stem lamina products for the research community. To complement our vast variety of primary cells, we offer specialty medium designed to selectively promote unique lamina growth, including STEMium™, which allows for the optimal growth of human pluripotent stem cells under feeder-free condition. Scientists at ScienCell are moreover studying and developing lamina therapeutic strategies that will significantly modernize the quality of life by utilizing the cell’s worthiness to gainsay human degenerative disorders. We are based in San Diego, California and established in 1999. ReadIncreasinglyTransfection Reagents Mirus From vital research to product development, Mirus Bio scientists utilize their expertise in nucleic wounding chemistry, cellular and molecular biology to establish innovative technologies and products for use in life science research. Over a decade ago, our first products reflected advancements achieved in our non-viral gene therapy research. Since then, our scientists have made significant contributions providing new and largest tools for a variety of research applications in the life sciences. ReadIncreasinglyGrowth Factors & Recombinant Proteins ORF Genetics ORF Genetics Ltd. is a privately owned visitor established in 2001. ORF Genetics is an innovative visitor that is single-minded to economically viable and enabling solutions for the production of recombinant proteins, such as growth factors and cytokines, using its Orfeus™ expression system. The visitor is unescapable the medical scientific research polity and the lamina culture media and diagnostics market with its products. Our product portfolio has expanded steadily to meet the needs of our customers with biorisk-free growth factors and cytokines. ReadIncreasinglyDrug Discovery BPS Bioscience BPS Bioscience provide upper quality life science products and services in a timely manner to help researchers slide drug discovery research and minutiae for the treatment of human diseases. BPS offers one of the largest selections of unique recombinant proteins and reconnaissance kits for the studies of epigenetics, immune checkpoints, metabolism, and lamina signaling pathways involved in human diseases. BPS continues to expand its innovative portfolio of products and services, with over 2000 products to whop life science research. ReadIncreasinglyBiotechnology Education EDVOTEK Edvotek was the world’s first visitor defended to demystifying biotechnology for young people. In 1987, we saw how the emerging zone of biotechnology could inspire students to segregate a career in science. Since then, Edvotek has expanded to be the world’s leading supplier of biotechnology kits and equipment designed specifically for education. ReadIncreasinglyInstruments & Software Precision Laboratory Instruments Mettler-Toledo Innovative laboratory instruments required for research and development, quality control, up-scaling and production. Mettler-Toledo is synonymous with innovative measurement, precision detection, intelligent ergonomic design, user-friendly interfaces, unique consumer workflows and solutions to support compliance. The Mettler-Toledo portfolio includes tampering and precision balances, a variety of tampering instruments (pH meters, thermal wringer instruments, density meters, refractometers, titrators, spectrophotometers), pipettes (single micro-pipettes, multi-channel pipettes, electronic pipettes and semi-automated high-throughput pipette systems), streamlined reactors and process analytics instruments. Please note that Mettler-Toledo instruments are only misogynist in select countries. ReadIncreasinglyPipettes, Centrifuges & Thermal Cyclers Eppendorf Eppendorf is a leading life science visitor that develops and sells instruments, consumables, and services for liquid-, sample-, and lamina handling in laboratories worldwide. Its product range includes pipettes and streamlined pipetting systems, dispensers, centrifuges, mixers, spectrometers, and DNA unfurling equipment as well as ultra-low temperature freezers, fermentors, bioreactors, CO2incubators, shakers, and lamina manipulation systems. Associated consumables like pipette tips, test tubes, microtiter plates, and removable bioreactor vessels complement the instruments for highest quality workflow solutions. Eppendorf products are most widely used in wonk and commercial research laboratories, e.g., in companies from the pharmaceutical and biotechnological as well as the chemical and supplies industries. They are moreover aimed at clinical and environmental wringer laboratories, forensics, and at industrial laboratories performing process analysis, production, and quality assurance.  ReadIncreasinglySingle Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing technology Pacific Biosciences In an effort to push the boundaries of molecular biology, our founders invented a new way to study the synthesis and regulation of DNA, RNA, and proteins. Harnessing advances in biochemistry, optics, nanofabrication, and more, we ripened Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing technology. This powerful technology transforms the understanding of biological systems by enabling real-time wringer of biomolecules with single-molecule resolution. PacBio sequencing offers the most comprehensive view of genomes, transcriptomes, and epigenomes — including the full spectrum of genetic variation — by providing the longest stereotype read lengths, highest consensus accuracy, and most uniform coverage of any sequencing technology on the market today. Ideal for de novo genome turnout and genetic variation label of humans, animals, plants, and microbes, this system features high-performance optics, streamlined liquid handling, and an intuitive, intelligent operating system. We are passionate well-nigh developing high-quality, innovative technologies and systems that impact areas of hair-trigger importance, including the diagnosis and treatment of disease and efforts to modernize the world’s supplies and energy supply. We believe that our tools will lead to advances that will create long-lasting benefits for the world and its future. ReadIncreasinglyNanoDrop Spectrophotometers Thermo Scientific -NanoDrop As part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science, NanoDrop Products has played a pioneering role in microvolume instrumentation by developing unique UV-Vis spectrophotometers and fluorospectrometers for the life sciences market. Since 2001, increasingly than 35,000 NanoDrop instruments have been utilized in academic, research, commercial, and QC labs focused on such diverse fields such as genomics, proteomics, drug discovery, molecular diagnostics and bio-manufacturing. The technology foundation of every NanoDrop product is based upon the patented sample-retention system*. This system allows scientists to quickly and hands quantify and assess purity of samples such as proteins and nucleic acids. Relevant for virtually every lab that deals with biological samples, NanoDrop instruments are often a favorite in the lab due to its speed, simplicity and robust nature. Labs can hands wits the ease of use by taking wholesomeness of the self-ruling trial program. This program allows scientists to try any NanoDrop instrument in their lab for a one-week period – for free. Look to NanoDrop Products, the leader in microvolume quantification, to protract delivering small, simple and robust instruments combined with world matriculation consumer support. ReadIncreasinglyLaboratory and Processing Instruments IKA With over 100 years of experience, IKA has established itself as a leader in laboratory and processing instruments. IKA boast a remarkable line up of quality-made, innovative instruments such as: Magnetic stirrers Shakers Vortex mixers Heating Blocks Mills Centrifuges Rotary evaporatorsIncreasinglyFor an expanded catalogue, please click here   ReadIncreasinglyMassARRAY® System Agena Bioscience Agena Bioscience is a pioneer in the use of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for detection of nucleic acids and precise quantification of genetic variability. For nearly two decades, this proven platform has delivered highly well-judged results, driving biological understanding in clinical and translational research. Cited in over 2,000 peer reviewed journals, Agena Bioscience’s MassARRAY® System is routinely used in premier institutions and companies worldwide for life science, vital research, and agricultural genomics. ReadIncreasinglyBioinformatics Software CLC Bio We’re the world’s leading bioinformatics software developers and the only ones providing an wringer platform where both desktop and server software are seamlessly integrated and optimized for weightier performance. Our wide range of analyses are misogynist both through a user-friendly graphical user-interface as well as through command-line, permitting scientists to segregate their preferred interface. By developing our own proprietary algorithms, based on published methods, we have successfully velocious the data calculations to unzip remarkable improvements in speed over comparable solutions. ReadIncreasinglyGel documentation & Chemiluminescence Systems Vilber Lourmat Vilber Lourmat is the prominent provider of gel documentation and chemiluminescence systems, wringer software, UV technology and UV instruments in Europe. In the scrutinizingly 60 years since the establishment of our company, we set numerous milestones with our products. The first microprocessor-controlled crosslinker, the first ‘stand-alone’ gel documentation system, the first specialised chemi-luminescence imager or the Super-Bright illumination technology as successors of conventional UV transilluminators for gel imaging are examples from the past. Many of our products have wilt laboratory standard in the meantime. In all these years there have been many, to some proffer intoxicating attempts to reprinting our ideas and concepts: designs, product names, plane product pictures. Compare the original – it´s worth it! Our innovations shall facilitate your work in the laboratory! The synthesis from high-quality technique, intelligent software and highest processing and turnout quality to an lulu price at the same time are principle and daily rencontre since our establishment. Our world-wide network of selling and service partners as well as own offices secure optimal consultation and support. Hundredthousands of customers from industry and seminar in increasingly than 60 countries trust therefore in products of Vilber Lourmat. ReadIncreasinglyMicrobiological safety cabinets Faster FASTER S.r.l., born in 1984 and based in Italy, is one of the leading European manufacturers of wide range of Laboratory equipment. Current production includes: Laminar airflow cabinets Microbiological safety cabinets Cytotoxic drug safety cabinets Ultra-low freezers Cabinets for special applications Customizations and bespoke units Chemical fume cupboards Isolators for cytotoxic applications and sterility tests Pharma industry laminar airflow systems FORLAB laboratory benches and fume hoods Our customers are hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic, veterinary, supplies & instillation industries. FASTER‘s strategy is to maintain and modernize its presence in all market segments by supplying top-quality instruments. All our products are designed to meet the requirements of the latest International Standards. FASTER‘s responsibility is to meet market and distributors expectations in terms of product quality, range, delivery, pricing and servicing. FASTER‘s commercial, marketing and engineering offices are located in Cornaredo (Milan) and production facilities in Cornaredo and Ferrara with both customized and large production capacity. ReadIncreasinglyNon-UV Transilluminators Clare Chemicals Research Dark Reader undecorous LED transilluminators and hand lamps reveal fluorescent DNA, RNA, proteins and other biological samples using a revolutionary combination of a VISIBLE undecorous light source and two verisimilitude filters. Dark Reader workings is at least as sensitive as UV for the detection of many popular dyes and can be used to see, directly by eye, less than 100 pg of stained DNA.ConsideringDark Reader devices emits no UV, there is substantially zero risk of eye and skin damage, the extent of DNA sample forfeiture is drastically reduced and cloning is increased over 100-fold. The Dark Reader visible light source is particularly constructive for viewing fluorophors through glass and plastic, and plane in transgenic plants and animals. ReadIncreasinglyGel Electrophoresis Systems Biocom Ltd Since 1998, BiocomDirect has offered researchers top quality products at highly competitive prices. This is washed-up simply, through tropical collaboration with our manufacturing suppliers eliminating plush duplication in stockholding and product movement. Recognising the importance for support both surpassing and without sales, these savings are achieved without compromising our consumer service. ReadIncreasinglyCryogenic storage Cryogatt Founded in 2010, Cryogatt is a privately funded visitor defended to the minutiae and deployment of cutting-edge RFID systems that squire in the tracking of hair-trigger resources under lattermost temperature, reliably operating between room temperature and -196°C. Cryogatt vicarious the research into minutiae and wordage of RFID tags that could be sterilised and inserted into disposables at the manufacturing stage; and ensured that these tags would work in the very low temperature environment. Cryogatt Systems is the only visitor to provide this type of tag. With the use of RFID, the Cryogatt Tagging System can now assign every asset, donor, recipient, and process outcome, to each sample and subsample. This is no longer just well-nigh locating an windfall but enhancing the quality of information stuff held by the windfall and making the whole process of data collection, process management, SOP (standard operating procedure), and compliance well-judged all of the time, through the sample’s unshortened “life”. ReadIncreasinglyMolecular Diagnostics Multiplex qPCR Diagnostic Kits Seegene Seegene’s simultaneous and multiple detection technologies, which are unique and superior, have once surpassed the limits of conventional diagnostic techniques and provided a ways of testing dozens of pathogens at once. These technologies result in forfeit reduction for patients considering it allows detection of multiple pathogens in a single test and definitely can provide benefits of increasingly personalized diagnostic opportunities. For doctors, these technologies provide opportunities for increasingly well-judged and efficient treatment. ReadIncreasinglyGenetic Testing Kits: Prenatal/ Reproductive/ Oncology Devyser Devyser AB is specialized in the development, manufacturing and sales of diagnostic kits and reagents based on DNA tampering procedures, including PCR. Our product developers and manufacturing staff are among the most experienced in the industry with well over a decade’s wits of developing and manufacturing diagnostic PCR kits. ReadIncreasinglyStabilization Solutions for Biological Samples Biomatrica Biomatrica provides diagnostics manufacturers with the worthiness increase market share by chemically stabilizing reconnaissance reagents and samples. Biomatrica’s innovative stability technologies preserve biological materials, such as DNA, RNA, proteins, cells and unshortened assays. Our technologies indulge diagnostic companies to wangle to wider markets, reduce reconnaissance minutiae time vs. lyophilization, and eliminate the need for risky, expensive unprepossessed uniting management. ReadIncreasinglyMassARRAY® System Agena Bioscience Agena Bioscience is a pioneer in the use of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for detection of nucleic acids and precise quantification of genetic variability. For nearly two decades, this proven platform has delivered highly well-judged results, driving biological understanding in clinical and translational research. Cited in over 2,000 peer reviewed journals, Agena Bioscience’s MassARRAY® System is routinely used in premier institutions and companies worldwide for life science, vital research, and agricultural genomics. ReadIncreasinglyELISA Solutions forSupplies& Feed Safety Bioo Scientific As a leader in the supplies and feed safety testing industry, Bioo Scientific develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of supplies and feed diagnostic kits for the detection of microbial and industrial contaminants, natural toxins, constituents, hormones, antibiotics and a variety of other veterinary drug residues. ReadIncreasinglyHLAUpperResolution Genotyping Omixon Omixon is a global molecular diagnostics company, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, with US offices in Cambridge (MA) that commercializes technologies for clinical and research laboratories. Omixon’s flagship product, Holotype HLA™, is the world’s leading NGS-based HLA genotyping product that delivers the most well-judged high-resolution HLA genotyping available, and is used in increasingly than 20 hospitals worldwide. ReadIncreasinglyGMO,SuppliesPathogens & Allergen qPCR Test Kits Biolytix Biolytix was founded in June 1998 and withal with other life science companies it moved into the Technology Center in Witterswil (12 km from Basel). Since its inception, the team and its range of services have expanded steadily. Biolytix offers a wide range of services with a transferral to fulfill our customers’ expectations in a unceasingly reliable, trustworthy and confidential manner. This goal is achieved by an experienced, highly-qualified and motivated team. ReadIncreasinglyNon-Invasive Prenatal Testing Service LifeCodexx LifeCodexx is Europe’s leader in offering non-invasive prenatal test services with the merchantry values that only results that matter are well-judged ones. The visitor runs a certified molecular diagnostics laboratory in Germany, defended to the minutiae and commercialization of laboratory-developed tests for prenatal diseases and conditions. ReadIncreasinglyMicrobiology Consumables, Reagents and Test Kits Hardy Diagnostics The leading ISO accredited international microbiology trademark based in Santa Maria, California since 1979.  Hardy Diagnostics is defended to providing premium quality culture media and rapid diagnostic kits in clinical, supplies and pharmaceutical industries. Hardy Diagnostics manufactures over 2,700 products used in the microbiology laboratory including detection equipment. Maintaining the lead in microbiology innovation, Hardy Diagnostics has maintained an zippy research and minutiae laboratory focused on innovative microbiology products for yes-man and fungal culturing and detection. ReadIncreasinglyHuman Infectious Disease Diagnostics Vircell Mirobiologists Vircell is global biotech trademark specialized in the minutiae and production of ready-to-use reagents for the diagnosis of infectious human disease (sexually and vector transmitted disease, gastrointestinal, respiratory, zoonotic disease and more) by traditional lamina culture to molecular techniques: VirClia® is a Chemiluminescence streamlined solution for serotype detection. Direct fluorescence assays for antigen detection in lamina culture. Indirect immunofluorescence assays snift antibodies versus viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. Agglutination assays diagnose infectious diseases like human brucellosis. VIRapid® is a Immunochromatographic test for antigen and pathogen detection. Speed-oligo® Strip is an Oligochromatographic assays for the molecular multiplex diagnosis of infectious diseases. ReadIncreasinglySpecial Offer Second Quarter Specials for 2018 Download PDF Terms & Conditions Contact Details Southern Africa Inqaba Biotechnical Industries (Pty) Ltd. PO Box 14356, Hatfield 0028 Pretoria, South Africa Tel: +27 12 343 5829 Fax: +27 86 677 8409 E-mail: East Africa inqaba biotec East Africa Ltd. PO Box 1846 Nairobi 00606, Kenya Tel: +254 735 370 693 Fax: +27 86 677 8409 E-mail: West Africa inqaba biotec West Africa Ltd. PMB 5320, Oyo Road, Ibadan 200001 Oyo State, Nigeria Tel: +‎234 805 882 7272 Fax: +27 86 677 8409 E-mail: Copyright © Inqaba Biotechnical Industries (Pty) Ltd 2018 Home Services ProductsWell-nighUs Contact Us